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Excel Gantt Chart Template

 " We are a 1,100 person company and recently purchased your enterprise edition,.  This was the fastest software implementation we have ever done.  In less than 1 day, we had 100 users up and running with your system.  The fastest and easiest planning solution we have ever used." 

London, UK - March 2015

Chartgantt is now used by over 1,000 companies and individuals, our clients include the following organisations

    • AT&T                                                            
    • Texas Instruments                                     
    • Dow Chemical
    • Nihmble Technologies
    • Svendsten Construction
    • Aspen Technologies
    • MyManitoba.com
    • Wild TV
    • Tata Technologies
    • Target - UK
    • AH Renkiel Shipping - Germany
    • Vicens Vives - Spain
    • Place Architects - Australia
    • Risk Zone Consultants
  • ASIA
  • Thai Oil - Thailand

Thank you for your help.  I think your template is a very nifty and elegant solution for performing useful, low-overhead PM for those who don't want, or don't have the resources, to be a slave to a complex tool.  Thank you!! - Susan Houghton, Senior Philanthropy Officer, Wentworth Douglas Hospital - October 2015

Finding Chart Gantt was a huge time and cost saving for our company.  We were on the verge of investing in project management software when all we needed was to be able to produce a schedule and Gantt chart.  After buying Chart Gantt Ultimate I started planning my first project using the template, and right away ran into an issue.  A short email produced an almost instant response the solution found and offered a few short hours later.  A big thank you to Marcus and his whole team, I look forward to using you on any other excel needs that may pop up for our company!  Curtis Wray, CandeTrenching.com, Washington, USA - October 2015

“I recently purchased ChartGantt Basic 2.2 and it is truly fantastic. I’m a marketing manager, and I’m using it to keep track of all the tasks and ads involved in each promotional campaign. I love how easy it is to toggle from daily to weekly or even monthly view, and to exclude weekend days from my project timelines. This chart will really help me maintain consistency in my campaigns, meet my many deadlines, and stay more organized overall. Thank you so much!”  
Paulette Griswald, Portraitsimple.com, Massachusetts, USA - October 2015

"I am trying to add WBS, dependency and Gantt Charts to a combination of Outlook and OneNote that I used for handling small to medium projects.  I think that ChartGantt is the best product available for this due to your programming of a very fast and easy to use program that is feature rich.  Thanks again for your help and your program." 

Steve Adkins, Alababma, USA - July 2013

"Chart gantt basic is brilliant in its simplicity.  There must be a lot of complexity behind the scenes to make it work" Toronto, Canada - November 2014

"The best looking marketing plan I have ever done, thanks for making it quick and easy." Brazil - July 2014

"Brilliantly simple, I found it really easy add columns and customise to meet my requirements. Thanks" LA, California - July 2014

"Your template saved me a heap of time in planning my project, fantastic value for money" Calgary, Canada - May 2014

"Thank you so much for the gantt chart.  I’m already using it and it’s great." Dallas, Texas, USA - May 2014

"Good program, much easier than others I have used to create Gantt Charts." Detroit, Michigan, USA - May 2014

"Thanks for the file, saved me heaps of time when I needed it most for my proposal." Sydney Australia - May 2014

"Helped me to get a marketing plan out in short order. " Vancouver, Canada - May 2014

"The dependent version let me make my whole project instantly updateable." Houston, Texas, USA -April 2014