Chart gantt Dependent

  • What are the dependency types used in Chart gantt Dependent and above?

There are four kinds of dependencies with respect to ordering terminal elements (in order of decreasing frequency of use):

  1. Finish to start (FS)
    • A FS B = B doesn't start before A is finished
    • (Foundations dug) FS (Concrete poured)
  2. Finish to finish (FF)
    • A FF B = B doesn't finish before A is finished
    • (Last chapter written) FF (Entire book written)
  3. Start to start (SS).
    • A SS B = B doesn't start before A starts
    • (Project work started) SS (Project management activities started)
  4. Start to finish (SF)
    • A SF B = B doesn't finish before A starts
    • (New shift started) SF (Previous shift finished)