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If you need to plan your project fast, then Chart Gantt is your answer.

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   Chart Gantt 


$40 USD

  Chart Gantt 


$60 USD

 Chart Gantt 

Effort &Cost  

$70 USD

 Chart Gantt 


$90 USD


We would like to thank our clients for guiding our development efforts.  Chartgantt has been deployed in some of the most complex environments from managing the development of Jet Engines, to scheduling ships and large construction projects.  These client requirements have been incorporated into our Excel based Gantt Chart Templates: 

  • No macro's used - We need predictability when adding information, macro's make sheets unstable if new rows are columns are inserted.
  • Maximum flexibility - We need to be able to plan from 1 day to 20 years.
  • Switch between views - We need to be able to plan in detail by day, but instantly switch to weekly or monthly views.
  • Plan and manage tasks - We need a mechanism for clearly identifying task status during the management stage.
  • Dependencies - We need to be able to set relationships between tasks (Finish to Start, Start to Start etc)
  • Task Hierarchy - We need to be able to have master tasks and sub-tasks with automated work breakdown structure numbering

The Chart Gantt products have been developed by Marcus Tarrant, a leading management consultant with a history of managing complex projects for leading consulting firms including Deloitte Consulting.  His focus in developing the Chart Gantt products was "Elegant Simplicity".

"After using industry leading Gantt Chart Tools, I always found that the data ended up back in Excel for manipulation. After building a gantt chart in excel for a client assignment and finding it incredibly useful, ChartGantt was born."

If you are looking for a flexible and effective Gantt Chart Tool, then Chart Gantt is definitely your answer.

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Individual Product Information

Prices above are a one off payment for a single user license.  Enterprise pricing is provided on the individual product page.

All Chart Gantt products are available exclusively on-line for Instant Download (This helps us keep our pricing as low as possible)

We guarantee you will not find any Gantt Chart Tool with equivalent functionality for less, or your money back.

GST is added to the above prices for Australian Customers as we are an Australian Company.

Following recent requests for use of the templates on other platforms, we are pleased to confirm that Chartgantt Products will work as intended on Open Office and LibreOffice as well as MS Office Excel 2003, Excel 2007, Excel 2010, 2011 and 2012.  We are proud to confirm that all our products are macro free and have passed security screening processes at the US Department of Defence and NASA.