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If you need to plan your project fast, then Chart Gantt is your answer.

Our industry leading range of Chart Gantt templates have been continually developed, updated and improved over 3 years.

We would like to thank our clients for guiding our development efforts.  The following client requirements have been incorporated into our Excel based Gantt Chart Templates: 

  • No macro's used - We need predictability when adding information, macro's make sheets unstable if new rows are columns are inserted.
  • Maximum flexibility - We need to be able to plan from 1 day to 20 years.
  • Switch between views - We need to be able to plan in detail by day, but instantly switch to weekly or monthly views.
  • Plan and manage tasks - We need a mechanism for clearly identifying task status during the management stage.
  • Dependencies - We need to be able to set relationships between tasks (Finish to Start, Start to Start etc)
  • Task Hierarchy - We need to be able to have master tasks and sub-tasks with automated work breakdown structure numbering

Chart Gantt templates are built for Excel 2007 and 2010, a version for 97-2003 is now also available for Basic and Dependent.    

The later version templates have slightly more functionality (Status field) due to higher capabilities of this version of excel.

The free version is a limited functionality version of Chartgantt Basic.  It allows 5 rows of planning only, but gives you an indication of the template and its core functionality.

In the paid versions of Chartgantt, you will be able to:

  • Insert Columns
  • Add conversion columns for Hours, or Minutes
  • Insert other calculation columns, additional resource columns, or any other column you may need
  • Insert new rows and extend the plan down from the 200 to up-to 1,000 rows
  • Create new sheets and link calculations
  • View and edit the source code
Download Gantt Chart now for free.

  Excel 2007 - 2013 Version (PC Only)

3 Day Trial Version - Copy and Print restrictions.