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Gantt Chart Examples

There are a variety of reasons that gantt charts are created.  This page provides a variety of uses and techniques associated with the use of gantt charts.


The two video's below provide examples of how Chart Gantt is used in practice. 

The first Gantt Chart Example video looks at "7 Cool things you can do".  It looks at planning in workdays vs days, managing task status, using hyperlinks and 5 other practical features.

The second video is a practical example plan we have developed in Chartgantt Ultimate called the 60 Day SEO Plan.

Our clients have a very broad range of applications for our templates, several applications include:

  • Tenders and Proposals
  • Scheduling manufacturing and construction
  • Planning Video, TV and movie production
  • Scheduling IT projects and implementation
  • Planning holiday and leave schedules
  • Creating task lists for individuals within a team



The SEO Plan

An actual content based plan developed to manage SEO activity in Chart gantt ultimate. 

This example explores the practical application of Chart Gantt Ultimate and explores the unique practical, timesaving features of this tool. 

 See details of the 60 day SEO Plan

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