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Chart Gantt Effort & Cost

Designed specifically for services businesses that need to track and bill time spent on activities and projects.

There are two predominant scheduling methods used in project planning:

  1. Effort based scheduling
  2. Duration based scheduling

Effort based scheduling takes into account the amount of work required to complete a task and the relationship between that amount of work and the task duration.  Actual duration is calculated as a stated relationship between effort and duration, usually expressed as a % of full time effort.  So, a 2 days effort task may take much longer than 2 days.  If the % of full time effort is expressed as 50%, then  the task would take 4 working days.  Chart gantt Effort and Cost enables this form of planning.  The benefit of this approach is that you can see your "Burn" Rate over time and ensure that you are not planning the same resource on two full time tasks at the same time.

Additionally Chart Gantt Effort & Cost lets you automatically handle weekends and partial days.  The weekday function in Excel does not handle partial days (at all) it merely drops the decimal.  We spent several days coding around this particular issue to ensure you receive predictable results when planning with Chart Gantt Effort & Cost. 

Duration based scheduling takes into account only the elapsed time between estimated task commencement and estimated task completion.Whilst this form of scheduling is the simplest and easiest to understand for many project managers, it does not provide a clear reflection as to the underlying effort that is being spent on a task.

Duration based scheduling is used in all applications, however services based business, or those where the cost of a task is related to the effort required to deliver it will gain greater value from an effort based scheduling model.

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Consulting support - Not confident in your planning skills and approach.  We offer fixed 1 hour sessions via phone with screen sharing to assist you get the most out of Chart Gantt.  We will assist with either project structuring - before you start, or a plan review - checking what you have done.  Sessions are conducted with Marcus Tarrant, author of the templates.


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