Whether you are using Chart Gantt Excel or another project planning tool, it is critical that you use task dependencies, to improve reporting and delivery.

Planning a project with dependencies takes a little more time upfront than planning without dependencies, however the time investment will pay off significantly once you move into the deliver phase of your project.

So what are project dependencies?

Dependencies are effectively relationships between your project tasks.  There are 4 primary types of dependencies, Finish Start - This is by far the most common form of project dependency used in planning.  This task states that one task cannot commence until another has been completed.  For example, you can start building your web page until the web design has been completed.  Finish Start Dependencies are used in all sorts of projects for all types of applications from Construction Plans, to IT Plans, To Product Launch Schedules.  There is no limit to the application of the Finish Start Dependency. 

Setting a finish-start enables you to start automating your planning and project reporting.  This is particularly useful in very large projects with Hundreds of tasks.  Lets assume for a moment that you are building a new office building.  There are typically 300-400 tasks planned in such a construction.  Lets assume that the building approval slipped out by 10 days.  This means that every other task in the plan also needs to slip out by that much.  Changing over 400 tasks manually is really not much fun.  Assuming for a moment that you planned your entire project using finish - start dependencies, then the slippage would be automatically reflected in the remainder of the plan.

If you are considering getting started with a dependency based plan then why not check out Chartgantt Dependent.  It is one of the only excel based gantt chart templates that enables you to simply and quickly set dependencies between tasks and instantly see the effect of slippages.

Check out Chart gantt Dependency.

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