We are very excited by the launch of Chart Gantt 2.0.  We set ourselves the ambitious task of adding significant functionality to Chart Gantt without the need for macro's.  The issue with macro driven Excel based Gantt Charts is that they are inherently unpredictable.

By steering clear of Macro's we have created a stable excel platform that just works.  This enables users now to view as much as 3 years of chart in the one screen.  This is a minor breakthrough in the Gantt Chart world, and took some work.  If yyou doubt this, just take a look at some of the formula's!

Following on from this major update, Chart Gantt has been created over 3 years of development and almost 600 hours.  It has been a labour of love to achieve something that we don't see in any other excel based products.  We hope you enjoy the results of our efforts