Following on from the popularity of the Chartgantt products, we are currently working to extend the functionality of all Chartgantt products. 

We are pushing the limits of excel, but are hoping to enable users to toggle between daily, weekly and monthly gantt chart views on a single sheet.  This means that users will only need to enter their data once, the data on the left will remain, but the gantt chart timeframe and bars will update automatically when switching between views.

This ambitious project will put us clearly at the forefront of excel based gantt chart templates, and will maintain the simple, easy to use nature of the existing products.

If we are successful in creating these templates, existing users will be automatically upgraded at no cost to them.  Do not put off your purchase as we are not yet sure of exactly how long this significant development will take.  At this point, we are hhoping to announce this new release in October 2010.  It is expected that existing users will simply be able to paste in their start and end date columns and their new multiview product will be operational.