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5 Tips on Planning with A Gantt Chart

Posted by Marcus Shane on Wednesday, September 1, 2010,

Gantt Chart Reason#1: Put aside distractions and focus on your plan

Planning requires deep concentration.  Try to avoid getting distracted during your planning time.  Perhaps try working from home for a day, or lock yourself in the boardroom with “busy” posted on the door.  The level of concentration and analysis you can put into your plan upfront will pay significant dividends down the track.  Usually the creation of a gantt chart involves the expenditure of cash or resources on a ser...

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Upcoming Update to Chartgantt Products

Posted by Marcus Shane on Monday, June 21, 2010, In : Chartgantt Updates 
Following on from the popularity of the Chartgantt products, we are currently working to extend the functionality of all Chartgantt products. 

We are pushing the limits of excel, but are hoping to enable users to toggle between daily, weekly and monthly gantt chart views on a single sheet.  This means that users will only need to enter their data once, the data on the left will remain, but the gantt chart timeframe and bars will update automatically when switching between views.

This ambitious...
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