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Using Excel a new level of flexibility in gantt chart planning

Posted by Marcus Shane on Wednesday, September 1, 2010,

Contrary to the beliefs of the main gantt chart software packages, every project and every plan has its own special requirements.

Some project plans may require you to measure and manage effort for billing purposes.  Other plans may need minute based planning.  There are so many different requirements of project planning that it is difficult to build these into a single gantt chart tool.

This is where MS Excel has some very substantial advantages in preparing gantt charts.  The major, and o...

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How Dependencies save you time when planning and managing your gantt chart.

Posted by Marcus Shane on Wednesday, September 1, 2010, In : Gantt Chart for Management Vs Gantt Chart for Planning 

A gantt chart is a visual representation of time that enables simple and effective project planning.  A particularly useful feature of leading gantt chart solutions is the ability to create dependencies between tasks.  There are 4 types of dependencies that can be created.  Finish to start, Start to Start, Start to Finish and Finish to Finish.  Leading project management software and gantt chart creation templates in excel can incorporate the use of dependencies.

Dependencies are particul...

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