NASA is now using MS Excel alternatively to MS Project in some divisions.  Read on to comprehend more.  MS Project has long been a harbinger in project management, however many project managers are now discovering that MS Project limits the flexibility and control they have over the planning process. Many project managers are confused by the way in which MS Project calculate efforts or as MS Project refers to it as work. The relationship between work and duration is somewhat confused in MS Project as it was originally created as duration based planning tool. 

First time project managers

Many first-time project managers find MS Project too complex to learn and understand. Many of the biggest features take years to get down pat and work with. This complexity usually leads to them looking for less complex approaches to establishing a Gantt Chart or spreadsheet view of their Project planning data. Many are moving to Microsoft Excel or a solution, this provides a far greater degree of adaptability in planning and control and requires upfront learning associated with a specific and proprietary project planning solution such as MS Project.  Excel offers the first time project manager many substantial benefits and the ability to control and insert tasks exactly as required. It enables them to also devise their own planning framework within the Excel tool.

Experienced project managers

Knowledgeable project managers are becoming increasingly disappointed with MS Project and its many contrasting implementations. Someone will be used in MS Project enterprise edition to manage projects over an organisation. The architecture of MS Project provides a much greater degree of rigidity than many project managers would like. 
The domains of modern project management often require integration with third party systems and the cost of implementing MS Project war MS Project enterprise edition to integrate with other databases such as manufacturing systems is simply prohibitive for many. This has resulted in a dramatic increase in the use of Excel based their charts. This enables the project manager to control the way calculations are accomplished and to decide how they would like to manage the project rather than being dictated by a third party software provider.
NASA moved across to to increase planning flexibility and control in one of its key delivery divisions.  This enabled them to control projects effectively without the complexity of MS Project and importantly enabled a server based alternative to MS Project that could be implemented rapidly.  Chartgantt was implemented without any formal with a training manual of only 4 key points.
You would be surprised at the organisations that are moving across to excel as their primary planning paradigm.  Why not check it out for yourself.

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