Chart gantt is taking it's products to the next level with a range of Excel gantt chart templates with reporting.  After initial discussions with our existing clients, we realise that reporting and navigation are key features that many clients are looking for.

A number of existing customers have built their own reporting engines onto their existing gantt charts (Chart Gantt Basic, Dependent, Effort and Cost, or Ulitmate).

Research has indicated that there are 3 primary Excel Gantt Chart reports that customers are looking for.  The first report is a flag for tasks that are completing in the next 7 days.  This enables them to easily see which activity to focus on, which is particularly useful when managing a large project or series of projects.

The second major reporting feature for our excel based gantt charts is to incorporate a report that lists overdue tasks by resource.  This report is ideal for project managers looking to manage multiple resources and tasks.  After a number of attempts to build this report we have decided to create it using a PivotChart.  PivotCharts gave us the flexibility to create the reports that are required but in a simple graphical format.  

The third major reporting feature we have incorporate into version 3 (due for release during February 2013) is a little more sophisticated.  This runs a series of calculations to determine if a task is running behind schedule.  Behind schedule tasks are developed to report by resource by WBS number and by task.  These flags are now built into the main planning sheet as well as a specific reporting sheet.

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