Chart gantt products are now being used by Business Planning HQ in their main product, The Business Planning HQ toolkit, but also more recently as an additional discrete element of their Tool Box Product.

The founder of Business Planning HQ says, "We are pleased to see continued value and demand for the Chart Gantt products and services as an integrated element of the Business Planning Offering.  For over  a year now, our clients have benefited substantially from having an embedded gantt chart tool within their business plan.  This latest deal has enabled us to embed Chart Gantt in our broader product offering - The Business Planning Toolbox".

Feedback from presenting the toolbox and associated capabilitities of Chartgantt at the show has been astounding.  The incorporation of a project planning tool really appealed to new and early stage businesses.  In addition to creating a business plan it is also critical for them to move to the next level with planning and execution.

Leading Start-Up thinker Eric Ries espouses the importance of actually managing the start-up process.  Fortunately Chartgantt in combination with Business Planning HQ can rapidly facilitate this like no other product on the market.