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Building a cash flow in Gantt Chart Format

Posted by Marcus Shane on Tuesday, December 20, 2011, In : Chart Gantt Build Your Own 
We have had a number of requests from clients to enable the use of numbers where the gantt chart bars normally appear.  This would enable sophisticating cost allocation decisions to be made effectively using a standard gantt chart tool.

We first started building this solution for Ele consulting in Alabama and after 2 days realised that it was a major undertaking. If anyone has built this functionality please let me know as I now realise to accurately handle daily, weekly and monthly views is s...
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Building Gantt Charts in Excel

Posted by Marcus Shane on Monday, February 15, 2010, In : Chart Gantt Build Your Own 
For anyone who would like to take the time to build their own excel based templates please see the below links and blogs.

In our view, all of these approaches are time consuming and allow for significantly less flexibility than the Chart Gantt solution.  However please explore these options if you are curious and have some time to kill.

  1. Building charts Using the Chart Function within MS Excel
  2. This approach whilst it does produce a clumsy result will draw gantt charts.  This approach does not...

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