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About Us

Marcus Tarrant (BEc, MEI) is the author of the Chart Gantt templates

Marcus is an accomplished management consultant with experience in developing project and programme management tools for some of Australia's largest companies.

Marcus has worked for global and Australian organisations including, Deloitte Consulting, National Australia Bank, Telstra, Vodafone, Brambles, The Daily Mail (UK) and many others.

Marcus has a strong interest in project and programme management and spend some enlightened time in the United Kingdom with the founder of electronic Gantt and Pert charts, Geoff Reiss.  Geoff was responsible for the early development of computer based programmes.

Whilst I have used many project and programme management tools such as MS Project, Project Enterprise Edition, Primavera, Niko, and Hydra, for clients I often find myself coming back to basic excel gantt chart I have developed over many years.  

Chart Gantt is the culmination of many years of experience, and the simplicity that it can bring.  The Chart Gantt templates have been developed to offer very simple tools that any user with a basic level of excel experience can add to, or modify. 


Our Excel skills are available for hire!

If you like what we have done with Chartgantt templates, why not engage us to build templates or spreadsheets to your specific requirements?

Our approach is to enable the visualisation of complex data in a simple way. 

All members of the Chartgantt team are expert level users of MS Excel, based in Australia, and now work exclusively in 2007 or 2010.

  • Build add-on's to Chartgantt.com templates
  • Build new project planning templates for specific projects
  • Financial models and financial templates
  • Business cases and business plans
  • Almost anything else you can think of

So why not drop us a an email with your requirements.



Details on our other consulting services can be found at www.missionhq.com.au