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Our Excel Gantt Chart Templates are used by thousands of customers worldwide, from large corporations to small family firms.

Excel Gantt Chart Template

Some of our 3,000 plus Chart Gantt Clients 

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Chart Gantt is the leading provider of Professional Excel Gantt Chart Templates.

 Standard features of Chart Gantt templates include:

  • No macro's used - We need predictability when adding information, macro's make sheets unstable if new rows are columns are inserted.
  • Maximum flexibility - We need to be able to plan from 1 day to 20 years.
  • Switch between views - We need to be able to plan in detail by day, but instantly switch to weekly or monthly views.
  • Plan and manage tasks - We need a mechanism for clearly identifying task status during the management stage.
  • Use either Days or Workdays - Enter start date and then duration in either days or weekdays (button to select)

New to Gantt Charts, learn more on Wikipedia.

If you need to create your project plan fast, then Chart Gantt is your answer.

We have invested many years and thousands of hours into developing our Excel Gantt Chart templates incorporating the requirements of hundreds of customers.  Whilst our solutions look simple and are easy to use, they are the most powerful, professional Gantt Chart templates available anywhere.  Something as simple as enabling you to instantly switch between daily, weekly and monthly views is something that other excel based gantt templates simply don't offer.

After years in senior Project Management roles, the founder of Chart Gantt, Marcus Tarrant, found that most project plans ended in Excel at some stage.

He developed some basic excel gantt charts for clients and found that they saved substantial time in project planning and execution.

"Using Excel for Gantt Chart creation enables both the Gantt Chart visualisation and analytical capabilities in one package"

"A gantt chart is a particularly useful tool for briefing and communicating your project plan."  The issue with using bespoke software such as Microsoft Project is that you lose the analytical power that Microsoft Excel can offer.  

This results in most project plans ending up in excel for analysis or manipulation.  Unfortunately data is not easy to move between Excel and Project.  

This site has been developed to be the online destination for excel gantt chart templates.  In addition to providing an overview of Chart Gantt Templates, Chart provides you with all the tools you need to evaluate the option of using Excel Gantt Chart Templates for your next project plan.  We provide some insight into aspects of our excel templates and provide instructions on how to create your own excel gantt chart template.

Following the success of the chart gantt excel gantt chart template, we have now developed a range of completed project plans.  These are pre-planned projects.  All you need to do is update the project start date and modify the plan to suit your needs.  This is by far the fastest way to create an excel gantt chart for your project plan.

Our Products

Excel Gantt Chart Templates

The Chart Gantt templates have been developed to provide you with predictable planning outcomes.  When building templates in Excel there are a number of constraints and issues you will come up against.  For example the Microsoft workday function does not support partial days, it simply forgets the decimals.  We have invested substantial time into creating a product set that gives users the results they want, regardless of the complexity of the planning task.


Gantt Chart Template
Gantt Chart Template
Gantt Chart Excel

 " We are a 1,100 person company and recently purchased your enterprise edition.  This was the fastest software implementation we have ever done.  In less than 1 day, we had 100 users up and running with your system.  The fastest and easiest planning solution we have ever used." 

London, UK - October 2014

Finding Chart Gantt was a huge time and cost saving for our company.  We were on the verge of investing in project management software when all we needed was to be able to produce a schedule and Gantt chart.  After buying Chart Gantt Ultimate I started planning my first project using the template, and right away ran into an issue.  A short email produced an almost instant response the solution found and offered a few short hours later.  A big thank you to Marcus and his whole team, I look forward to using you on any other excel needs that may pop up for our company!  Curtis Wray,, Washington, USA - October 2014

“I recently purchased ChartGantt Basic 2.2 and it is truly fantastic. I’m a marketing manager, and I’m using it to keep track of all the tasks and ads involved in each promotional campaign. I love how easy it is to toggle from daily to weekly or even monthly view, and to exclude weekend days from my project timelines. This chart will really help me maintain consistency in my campaigns, meet my many deadlines, and stay more organized overall. Thank you so much!” 
Paulette Griswald,, Massachusetts, USA - May 2014

"I am trying to add WBS, dependency and Gantt Charts to a combination of Outlook and OneNote that I used for handling small to medium projects.  I think that ChartGantt is the best product available for this due to your programming of a very fast and easy to use program that is feature rich.  Thanks again for your help and your program." 

Steve Adkins, Alababma, USA - May 2014

"Chart gantt basic is brilliant in its simplicity.  There must be a lot of complexity behind the scenes to make it work" Toronto, Canada - May 2014




Chart Gantt 


Chart Gantt Ultimate 

Incorporates all the functionality of the other Chart Gantt tools (excluding Effort & Cost), but incorporates an automated 3 level work breakdown structure (Task Hierarchy).  Automated % Complete In Task Status Reporting

Chart Gantt 

Effort & Cost

Chart Gantt Effort & Cost: 

For projects that need to be planned by effort.  Duration is determined by the level of effort dedicated to a task.  Cost tracking is a feature of Chart Gantt Effort & Cost.

Chart Gantt 


Chart Gantt Dependent: 

This version incorporates all the functionality of Chart Gantt Basic, but also allows for all 4 dependency types. Unrestricted Excel Gantt Chart Template.

Chart Gantt 


Chart Gantt Basic: 

Set project start date, enter or cut and paste your dates, voila, your gantt chart is drawn for you.  Unrestricted Excel Gantt Chart Template.

Excel Gantt Chart Project Plans

The BUILD-A-MATIC - Residential construction plan includes every task you need to complete the construction of a residential house.

This product has been used to build a number of residential dwellings and has been updated to ensure the plan is ready to use immediately.

Just update your building start date and your plan is ready for you to use. 

SEO Project Planner

 60 Day SEO Project Plan:  This project plan has been developed in Chart Gantt Ultimate.  It provides every step you will need to perform to get your site ranking well in the key search engines.  All Gantt Chart steps are notated with hyperlinks to let you navigate immediately to SEO submission resources.

Complete Business Plans

If you are creating a complete business plan, please see our business planning solution.

* Terms and Conditions of the Money Back Guarantee

If you find an equivalent product within 7 days that incorporates the following features for an equivalent or lower price within 7 days, we will issue you with a full refund.

  • Drop-down view selection -  (Daily, Weekly and Monthly Views)
  • Product does not contain macros
  • Ability to plan in days or weekdays
  • Ability to plan and view unlimmited time periods
  • Additional features for Chartgantt Dependent Customers: Ability to create and utilise all 4 dependency types (FF, FS, SF and SS)
  • Additional features for Chartgantt Ultimate Customers: Flexible Automated 3 level work-breakdown structure.

All Chart Gantt products are compatible Excel 2007 and Excel 2010.  Excel 2003 versions of key basic and dependent are also available.

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